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Carrie Boesch holds the National Kitchen and Bath Industry’s highest designation, Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer. She is also a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California, and a Certified Green Building Professional.  

Carrie is currently serving on the Chapter Council for the California Capital Chapter of NKBA, as Sponsorship Chair.  

Other volunteer positions Carrie has held are:

  • NKBA California Capital Chapter 2016 - 2019 - President

  • NKBA California Capital Chapter 2015 - VP Programs

  • NKBA California Capital Chapter 2014 - VP Professional Development

  • Canada College Interior Design Advisory Board 2007 - 2012

  • The Student Career Forum in San Francisco 2011 - 2012, Co-Chair, Programs

  • ASID Student Chapter Board Member 2006 - 2007, Secretary

  • ASID Student Chapter Board Member 2005 - 2006, Co-Chair, Programs

                                             The National Kitchen & Bath Association has been leading the kitchen and bath industry for over 50

                                                   years.  With nearly 40,000 members across the United States and Canada, the NKBA requires

                                                   professionalism and ethical business practices from all its members.  By choosing to do business

                                                   with a member of the NKBA, you've chosen to work with a company who is dedicated to providing

the highest quality products & services for the kitchen or bath and has agreed to be bound by the NKBA's code of professional conduct.

                                             "Certified Interior Designer” is the only legally recognized title for interior designers in the state of 

                                                    California, and it defines an interior designer as one who has met all of the stringent requirements

                                                    necessary to obtain that title. This sets them apart from other interior designers who have not

                                                    obtained this very important credential. It is a state title contained within the California Business & Professions Code between Attorneys and Architects, and is not an appellation from a professional organization or club.

Certified Interior Designers are qualified by the CCIDC upon evidence of a combination of education and/or experience and passing an examination on California building codes, ethics, business practices and design standards, the “IDEX California”. 

                                                    Build It Green is a membership-supported Bay Area nonprofit established in 2005. Our organization

                                                    works with building and real estate professionals, local and state governments, and homeowners to

                                                    increase awareness and adoption of green building practices. Our mission is to promote healthy,

                                                    energy and resource-efficient building practices in California through outreach and education.

Our vision is for a more sustainable world where all homes are built to support the health and vitality of people and the natural environment. We believe that changing how homes are designed, built, and remodeled is essential to preventing climate change, minimizing pollution, and protecting natural resources for future generations.

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