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Kitchen & Bath
Interior Design
Retail-Light Commercial

What C. BOESCH DESIGN Can Do For You:


By partnering with C. BOESCH DESIGN, you will benefit from years of experience and expertise and will be able to take advantage of the many services we have to offer, the least of which are:

Architectural design and space planning  -  custom cabinetry design & layout  -  color and lighting consultation  -      plan-sets for construction, documentation for permitting  -  project management and cost estimating  -            materials, fixtures & finish selections, industry and product knowledge  -  'Living In Place' building practices  -sustainable, healthy indoor building  -  commitment to customer service  -  passion for design, attention to detail   -


Our multi-step process will take you through the entire project, from design development to completion:

  • C. BOESCH DESIGN offers a complimentary, local design consultation.  A site visit is made so that you can explain your needs and wishes and we can outline the steps involved in our design process.

  • When ready to proceed, C. BOESCH DESIGN will provide a contract outlining the scope of work for the project and cost for design services.  Once you have retained our services, we will provide an in depth evaluation for design development by obtaining critical information needed in planning your ideal space.  We will confirm your project budget and design vision to make certain we understand you and your life-style, allowing us to create a custom solution just for you.   

  • C. BOESCH DESIGN will begin by helping you visualize your future space with preliminary plans and details. Selections of appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, finishes and materials will begin during this phase. Client meetings  will also be held throughout the process, ensuring you have opportunity for discussion and input.

  • After preliminary plan review we will finalize the project parameters, details and specifications.  A final plan set including existing and proposed plans, elevations, construction drawings, lighting/mechanical layouts and product specifications will be provided to meet local permitting requirements and construction estimating. Recommendations on contractors may be presented at this time.  

  • Once construction begins, we can be present for project walk-throughs with the contractor and all sub-contractors to assure the project is on track.  We will be by your side throughout the entire project, making sure you are thrilled with the final result!


As we have a number of different contract structures based on your scope of work and the investment you want to make, please call us to discuss the best option for you and to schedule a 

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